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Eco Friendly Printing

Sustainability means different things to different people. At Duggal it means a philosophical commitment to innovate, detoxify and recycle across all aspects of our supply-chain and production processes. We realize that there is no such thing as a zero-carbon production process, but by eliminating environmentally hazardous materials throughout our product line and educating our customers, we can truly make a difference. We are raising the bar for the entire graphics industry to adopt environmentally responsible practices and reduce their collective ecological footprint. 

In creating Duggal’s sustainability vision we drew inspiration from resources such as the Natural Step, Cradle to Cradle and Life Cycle Analysis that are sustainability frameworks to aid in environmentally friendly product development, eco friendly printing processes as well as responsible end of life management.   Our entire Eco Friendly Printing & Product line is designed as a closed loop system, so when the products manufactured reach their end of life, they are transported to our partner recycling facility and brought back into the production chain.

  • UV Printing (ECO):

    UV Printing (ECO)

    UV ink sits on the surface of the substrate and is then cured as it leaves the printer. The off-gassing VOCs (Volatile Organic Compound) from a substrate printed with UV ink carries little noticeable smell and needs minimal ventilation for printer operation. UV ink is removed much easier and can enable the substrate to be recycled efficiently and effectively.

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  • Latex Printing (ECO):

    Latex Printing

    Duggal also has two new HP latex printers.  These eco-friendly printers use water-based inks that are odorless and have very low levels of VOCs.  Similar to the aqueous pigment inks, latex printers do not need special ventilation.  The latex ink is compliant with many industry-leading certifications.

  • Aqueous Pigment Printing (ECO):

    Aqueous Pigment Printing

    This form of printing utilizes similar technology to a solvent printer but uses Aqueous Pigments producing no VOCs and needing little ventilation. The head is also much closer to the substrate allowing for very accurate color placement with minimal waste.

    UV and Aqueous inks help promote better air quality and also saves on energy needed to operate the machine. Duggal leads the industry with 4 high resolution UV printers, including 2 purchased during the last 3 months as well as 6 aqueous pigment printers.


  • Eco Solvent Printing (MILDLY ECO):

    Eco Solvent Printing (MILDLY-ECO)

    Eco-solvent printing uses mild-solvent ink that is more environmentally friendly than traditional solvent based inks.  The solvent is the liquid product in the ink that helps in the interaction of the ink and the material. Hard solvents or solvent inks soften the materials and allow the inks to chemically fuse the materials.  Eco-solvent printing uses a milder solvent that still softens the material for printing but it is less dangerous than the traditional solvent prints.


  • Digital Offset Printing (MILDLY ECO):

    Our digital offset Indigo press currently utilizes HP's Electronik oil based inks as new technology is being created, but our press still produces little VOC's and uses almost exclusively FSC® certified and recycled papers. With Duggal's FSC®  Chain of Custody Certificate we can offer companies official FSC® certified products.  In conjunction with our FSC® certification our business practices have been recognized by the Rainforest Alliance™.  All ink used in our digital offset Indigo press is recycled back into the machine, unlike conventional offset printing.  

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