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AWay Exhibit by Hillary Altman at Greensquare Tavern

Curators’ Corner

AWay Exhibit by Hillary Altman at Greensquare Tavern

AWay is a new exhibit at the Greensquare Tavern in New York City with selected works by Hillary Altman. The current project depicts ephemeral imagery that is predominantly feeting in nature. The images are a conversation between painting and photography, mostly illustrating the shifting perspective between abstraction and realism.

They are the exploration of the duality that is propulsion and pause, the gesture of motion into still, and a continuing questioning of the insistent presence of the past. The images were shot on LM with a rst generation Olympus Pen, the world’s first, half frame camera with a 35mm format from the 1950s. Duggal printed metallic digital c prints and then face mounted them to 1/8” clear plexi with 1/16” black sintra back and a wooden brace.

The exhibit is on view into early February at Greensquare Tavern on 5 West 21st Street. Open daily.