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Duggal: Taking Fixture and Display to the Next Level

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Duggal: Taking Fixture and Display to the Next Level

Duggal’s “Building 10″, home of fixture, fabrication, display and interactive, has expanded its router cut and engraving capability with the addition of the Thermwood 45MTR.  The Thermwood router, commonly found in fine furniture manufacturing, joins our fleet of 4 large format router cutters and 2 industrial laser cutter adding XY and Z cutting to our existing suite of solutions. Duggal designers and craftsmen reinforce their commitment to provide exceptional quality and create anything you can possibly imagine.

Some of the highlights of the Thermwood 45MTR 72″ x 144” machine:

  • A 18HP spindle which spins at 24,000 rpm to provide the ultimate cut quality weather your cutting wood, plastics or thin stock aluminum.
  • Milling both two and three dimensional  shapes – “topographical pieces”
  • The ability to drill and tap in a single cycle, a very specialized function which can offer great design flexibility.
  • Design and work run on industry leading software platforms, from Mastercam, Artcam, IcutVision and HSN Works – giving the flexibility of deploying the one that is best suited for a specific application, as well as speed and quality.