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Professional Photo Printing

Our Digital C-Print Department is considered the finest in professional photo printing in the country. Working closely with world-renowned artists and prestigious museums and galleries, we have taken this digital process to a fine art medium. Our comprehensive facilities, multiple printers, and 24 hour operations allow us to produce large national campaigns in extraordinarily short turnaround times. Our state-of-the-art printers produce high quality B&W and color digital prints from both vector and raster files. Utilizing high-output RGB lasers, digital files are exposed directly onto photographic materials, at an apparent resolution of 4000 dpi, using Durst Lambda, CSI Lightjet printers, and Chromira 50. Duggal holds the largest family of large format Digital photographic printers in the United States including 4 72” wide Lightjet 500XL units.

For the ultimate in high detail photographic printing try our new HD C-PRINTS.

  • Digital C-Prints:

    Full continuous tone custom prints with exceptionally sharp image detail at an apparent resolution of 4000 dpi. Digital photographic prints on true B&W RC paper is available for 20% more.

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  • Duratrans:

    Translucent-base color transparent material designed for producing large transparencies for backlit displays on illuminators without diffusers.

  • Duraclear:

    Clear-base color transparent material designed for use on illuminators that have built-in diffusers.

  • Duraflex:

    Reflective, polyester-based high gloss prints for displays.

  • Digital Metallic:

    Digital photo prints on Kodak's extraordinary metallic paper, rendering an entirely new look to digital images.

  • Digital Fiber Paper:

    High resolution digitally exposed archival fiber paper processed by master printers, available in pearl surface.

  • Deep Matte Fuji Paper:

    The Digital C department now offers a deep matte Fuji paper. It’s beautiful fine art paper that’s particularly great for pastels and softer images and B&W on color.

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