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Fashion Fact #38- The Necktie

Curators’ Corner

Fashion Fact #38- The Necktie

Necktie: Since the early 1600s men have been wearing neckties or “neckerchiefs.” The original ties were shorter than what we consider a tie to be today. After World War I men began to wear ties with widths up to 5” and approximately 48” in length.

During the 1950s ties began to get thinner (about 3” in width) and the length increased to about 52” because men were wearing their pants lower. Geographic shapes and diagonal stripes on ties gained popularity during this time as well.

Today the standard length is 57” with a width of 3 ½” to 3 ¾” but narrower ties are beginning to become popular again. Women also wear ties as part of uniforms or as a fashion statement.