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I-Cut Registration Software

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I-Cut Registration Software

iCut registration and cutting software is the industry leading technology for digital cutting systems. iCut is partnered with over thirty-six of the world’s best RIP, Printer, Cutter, Router, and Laser companies. By understanding and producing for such wide variety of needs for each of these industries iCut reduces the complexity of workflow into one seamless system, cutting labor time by up to 30%.

We have now integrated iCut software and hardware into all of our laser, router, and drag knife cutting machines. Combining these technologies takes short run production into exciting new areas. Now the tools to create jaw dropping, dynamic short run art work that was previously available only to the largest corporations can be accessed by individuals and small businesses, giving them the same aresenal for displays and packaging. The possibilities are limited only to the designer’s creativity.

For more information contact Duggal and let our experienced cutting department guide you through the array of options available at your fingertips to attain your design goals.