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Mounting & Lamination

We specialize in custom mounting on substrates as varied as acrylic, anodized aluminium, sintra, dibond and gator board. Our experts can discuss appropriate substrates with you and handle local and global installation needs. With our newly established state of the art Fine Art and Commercial departments not only can we work directly with your specific mounting or laminating needs but can also shorten the turnaround time on each project. For more information on Duggal's bracing options check out this article

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  • Foamcore:

    This is a thin lightweight mount with an inner layer of foamed plastic. Used for lightweight mounting and temporary displays. Available in ¼” and ½” thickness with a black or white finish.

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  • Gatorboard:

    More durable than foamcore, this polystyrene foam board is bonded on both sides for uniformity and water resistance. Available in a black or white finish. Standard thickness is ¼” and ½” but thicker boards are available.    

  • Gator Unit:

    1/2" Black or White Gator board finished with 1/2" gator brace and black tape or white tape on edges.

  • Illustration Board:

    Light weight, thin non-archival board.    

  • Acid Free Museum Board:

    Thin, archival acid-free board. Suitable for portfolios and framing.

  • Encapsulation:

    Images laminated on both sides for additional durability.

  • Museum Box Mount:

    Premium custom wood museum boxes with white or black Formica edges.

  • Floating Museum Box Mount:

    Hand cut wood box with wood brace and white or black Formica edges. Floats off wall for enhanced dimensionality.     

  • Masonite:

    Lightweight board made from wood fibers. Suitable for semi-permanent displays. The masonite boards have long fibers that give the material a high bending strength, tensile strength, density and stability.    

  • Anodized Aluminum Mount:

    Museum quality mounts with a thickness of (.063"). Thicker Aluminum (.08") is available for 20% more.

  • Sintra:

    is a lightweight PVC based material, suitable for indoor and outdoor projects. Standard colors (Black & White) are in stock while other custom colors are available upon special request. Sintra has cleaner and better appearing edges than Gatorboard and comes in larger sizes.    

  • Acrylic:

    Perfect for display transparencies. Clear, frosted & milk. Non Glare Plexi only comes in 1/8".  Acrylic sheets have been known as the standard of the industry since first introduced 75 years ago. Its unsurpassed quality, ease of use, and wide range of colors, patterns, thicknesses, and sizes make it one of the most versatile materials.

  • Floating Gallery Plexi:

    Prints are stunning gallery/museum pieces used by top artists around the world for premium presentations. Face mounted and beautifully finished with flamed polished edges and backed by archival acid free museum board and a 3/4" wood brace. Use glossy and smooth photographic paper for best results.    

  • Museum Sandwich Plexi Mount:

    Premium archival mount designed specifically for museums, galleries and artists to protect images from moisture damage. Image is sandwiched between two pieces of polished plexi/ acrylic for added protection and finished with aluminum tube brace to prevent warping over time.    

  • Dibond:

    Double-sided archival aluminum mount filled with polyethylene core material for maximum stability. Provides excellent durability in outdoor applications. Dibond and a variety of other mounting substrates can also be used in direct to substrate printing / flat bed printing.

  • Lamination:

    Matte, Semi matte, Luster & Glossy. Laminating your prints can help prevent it from becoming creased, sun damaged, wrinkled, stained, smudged, abraded and/or marked by grease, fingerprints and environmental concerns

  • Lexan/ Polycarb:

    Lexan is a thick, flexible & scratch resistant laminate. Perfect for frequently handled images. It is rollable with no memory.

  • Wood brace:

    3/4 inch wood brace with cleat to float images off the wall. For prints larger than 40” x 50”, we suggest aluminum brace if the piece is to be archival.

  • Aluminum Tube Brace:

    1 inch aluminum tube brace for archival mounting. Ideal for museum and exhibition mounting. Use this brace for added stability.

  • Additional Services:

    Custom display fixtures, hanging hardware, Easel backs, Velcro, Seaming, and Grommets.


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