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Legend at Mount Fuji Harvested for Japan’s Rice Paddy Landscape

Curators’ Corner

Legend at Mount Fuji Harvested for Japan’s Rice Paddy Landscape


Japan’s village of Inakadate in the Aomori Prefecture is best known for its production of rice. Every summer, artists in the village harvest their paddy fields to grow in intricate designs created with yellow and purple varieties of rice, together with an Aomori variety called Tsugaru Roman, which is a vibrant green. The tradition has been carrying on since 2003.

For the artists’ latest annual reap, the crop art measures 160,000 square feet, depicting the legend of a mythical maiden of Japan’s most famous mountain, Mount Fuji. Visitors travel from all over the world to see the earthly art piece, which can be most easily and visibly seen from an observation deck towering over the field.

The rice field art will remain on display through mid-August to commemorate the peak’s registration as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site last year.

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