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Liquid Lamination for Durable, Protected Graphics

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Liquid Lamination for Durable, Protected Graphics

Duggal Visual Solutions utilizes the UV 80-2TS Liquid Coating System from Alliance Technology Corporation, providing a wide range of lamination solutions for rigid and flexible substrates up to 3” thick. This state-of-the-art technology seals and protects images with a durable coating that can later be cleaned or wiped down for a flawless appearance and maximum durability.

The UV 80-2TS applies a clear, 0.3 to 0.8 mil liquid lamination to substrates up to 80” wide in a high-speed, dry-to-dry lamination process. It works especially well with wallpaper and direct-to-substrate printing, enhancing image saturation and overall appearance. While conventional lamination does not allow the application of roll-to-roll laminates to textured materials, liquid lamination does.

We have many laminate options available including gloss lustre, matte and satin finishes. We also have dry-erase, and an anti-graffiti laminate for further protection on which a special cleaner can remove even permanent markings.

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