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Love New York Pizza? Learn to Make Your Own!

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Love New York Pizza? Learn to Make Your Own!

Every city has pizza, but no city has more pizza, better pizza or a stronger pizza history than New York.

For visitors who want to take the gift of New York pizza home to their loved ones or locals who want to be true New Yorkers, Pizza A Casa Pizza School offers an unforgettable pizza making class just a few blocks from the legendary Lombardi’s, America’s first pizzeria.

Duggal Visual Solutions’ Faith Young and fellow Brooklyn Navy Yard tenant Steph Mantis Studio had the honor of reimagining the school’s retail display for an extra special delivery. Steph was born and raised in a pizzeria before going on to study product design, making this project a perfect recipe of pizza, product and printing. See photos below, and visit to get the secrets to making the perfect New York Pizza at home, no pizza oven required.