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Make Your Own Planets with the Polar Panorama Effect

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Make Your Own Planets with the Polar Panorama Effect

Ladies and gentlemen, we’d like to introduce you to planet photography – without the spaceships and space suits. No telescopes. No outer-galactic lenses. You don’t even have to look up at the sky. This is feet-on-the-ground, look-straight-ahead, make your own planet photography. Unlike real planets, we can trace these planets’ existence; they all came from typical camera-carrying, Photoshop-savvy photographers. Check this out:

Courtesy of

That’s planet Manhattan. And this:

Courtesy of

is planet Paradise.

Here’s a quick rundown of how you can be a creator of planets:

1) Take an awesome landscape photo (preferably 360 degrees’ worth of photos to turn into a panorama).

2) Crop it, straighten out the horizon and make sure the edges match up.

3) Stretch it into a square and rotate it 180 degrees.

4) Apply the polar effect.

5) Clean it up (rotate, retouch, adjust the colors and contrast, etc.).

This article on Photojojo gives you detailed step-by-step instructions with screenshots, both for panoramas and straight-ahead shots.

And this article has a bunch of really cool planets.

Courtesy of Flickr user “gadl”

Courtesy of Flickr user “gadl”

Creative photography – We could look at these all day.