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August 1, 2013

Duggal Installs New Mimaki JV5-320S Dye Sublimation Printer for Fabrics & Textiles

Duggal Visual Solutions is proud to announce the installation of a new Mimaki JV5-320S dye-sublimation printer. The Mimaki JV5-320S utilizes eco-friendly water-based ink in a highly efficient paper transfer process that permanently embeds images into a variety of fabrics and textiles up to 126” wide.

Images are printed onto a special coated paper and then heat sublimated into textiles, which can later be washed and folded without a trace of lost image quality. This final product is scratch resistant, and many of the textiles are wrinkle resistant for easy packing and shipping. Printed textiles display a smooth, premium appearance in any environment, expanding the creative boundaries of other materials and processes.

With each printer head employing roughly 4 times as many nozzles as a conventional printer head, the JV5-320S prints at an impressively high 1440 dpi, enabling a rare combination of high-speed printing and impressive image quality. The printer features a superb 6.5-picoliter ink drop
size to ensure fine detail and the highest bleed-free dye-sub print quality available..

The Mimaki JV5-320S is phenomenal for substrates that are folded, washed, ironed, steamed or sewn. Ink is deeply embedded in the material, producing exceptionally vibrant color that will not crack or fade.

Duggal Visual Solutions is extremely excited for this opportunity to further showcase the highest quality and most ecologically sustainable technology while providing our clients with yet more graphic display options. For more information or to request a sample, please contact your Duggal Sales Representative to discuss your next project.

June 1, 2013

First Global Installation of Commercial Production INCA ONSET Q406i UV Digital Press

In the tradition of providing the highest quality service and products to their customers, Duggal Visual Solutions, headquartered in New York City, is proud to announce the first installation of the revolutionary Inca Onset Q406i UV digital press. For the last 12 weeks, Duggal served as the beta test site for Inca and Fujifilm for the first commercial production printer of its kind installed in the world.

“Duggal’s history and reputation for excellence is the perfect partnership in bringing this latest press to the marketplace”, states Todd Zimmerman, Vice President and General Manager, FUJIFILM North America Corporation, Graphic Systems Division. “This is the first time for Inca to introduce a new press outside of Europe, but Inca knew the energy and investment to prove the Q series in Duggal’s fast paced environment, serving the who’s who of business, art and design, would be worth the effort.”

The Inca Onset Q406i high-speed digital press images with a droplet size of only 9 picoliters, while the industry standard is more than three times as large for a press of this speed. It gives Duggal the ability to provide image detail and tonal range superior to prints from any other industrial printer currently available in the marketplace.

“Because of our trend setting clientele who push creative boundaries, we are fortunate to know the demands of the industry better than anyone and the machine is capable to satisfy and exceed those demands.” explains Michael Duggal, CEO of Duggal Visual Solutions. “Without question, the Inca Onset Q series press – including the engineers behind it – is exceptional, and is breaking new ground.”

“We opted for the Inca Onset Q406i UV digital press because we believe it is the best marriage of speed and quality currently in the marketplace. Our clients rely on us, and we have earned the reputation of being the premier provider of high quality visuals and personalized service for the demands of every project,” said Duggal. “The chance to be the first graphic company in the world to feature a nine picoliter drop in an industrial speed machine was very compelling, and allows us to surpass the expectations of our customers.”

May 1, 2013

Duggal Greenhouse Grand Opening at the Brooklyn Navy Yard

Duggal Visual Solutions and Lumi-Solair/ a Duggal Energy Company, along with business partners, state officials, and community leaders celebrated the official opening of The Duggal Greenhouse, the new title of Building 268 at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. The former Navy shipbuilding foundry, which produced such notable vessels as the USS Missouri and Arizona, was renovated from dilapidated conditions to become a 35,000 square foot multi use manufacturing, production and event facility. The Greenhouse also represents Duggal’s commitment to green technology and sustainable business practices.

Duggal Visual Solutions obtained New York based architectural design firm STUDIOS GO, to leverage the buildings existing superstructure and take fullest advantage of it’s perfect positioning of the New York skyline and Williamsburg Bridge designing two sides of the building with a full glass facades. The building is also designed to achieve LEED® certification.

“Once the birthplace of battleships, now the birthplace of new ideas in sustainability and incubator for art, science and socially responsible business. I have committed myself and my company to making a lasting impact for the health of our fragile planet. That is what the greenhouse represents.” said Baldev Duggal, Founder and CEO emeritus of Duggal Visual Solutions.

Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz was among a group of more than 200 guests invited to the official celebration marking the completion of the Greenhouse. Attendees also included representatives from the United Nations, Clinton Global Initiative, Fashion 4 Development and Vogue Italia, who featured Mr. Duggal in the April 2013 issue dedicated to world leaders in eco-sustainability.

The Brooklyn Borough President capped off the official ceremony presenting Mr. Duggal with ‘The Brooklyn Bridge’, a special honor bestowed on those for exceptional achievement and service to the community.

Guests were transported to the Duggal Greenhouse by yacht from Manhattan and treated to a waterfront outdoor reception on the Greenhouse Veranda, followed by a gallery exhibit of large format landscape photos, produced by Duggal. The event also featured Brooklyn based musicians, dancers and food, ranging from sparkling Italian wines and sushi to decedent desserts served from a waffle truck parked inside the building.

July 1, 2011

Duggal Installs First High Resolution Durst Dye-Sublmination Printer in the U.S.

In June, 2011, Duggal Visual Solutions, Inc. fully installed the first Durst Rhotex 320 in the United States. The Durst Rhotex 320 is the rst industrial speed dye-sublimation printer oering the highest quality fabric printing available.

The Durst Rhotex 320 is the first 10.5-foot wide (3.2m) printer developed specically for fabric / “soft signage” printing. This unique printer not only has Durst’s latest print technology, it is also environmentally “friendly”.

“The Rhotex 320 allows us to offer our customers the highest quality dye-sublimation printing possible at impressive speeds, which in turn allows us to be the leader in the growing fabric market,” Duggal CEO Mike Duggal said. “We are excited about adding this to our growing list of oerings for our clients. And the fact that the Rhotex 320 is environmentally friendly, using VOC-free water based inks, fits well with Duggal’s corporate ‘green philosophy’ and is an added bonus for our customers as well.”

“As digital imaging technologies progress and both printing processes and media improve, the benefits of ‘soft signage’ are becoming more apparent,” said Christopher Howard, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Durst U.S. “Mike Duggal and the people at Duggal Visual Solutions understand this as well as anyone, and we’re pleased with their latest ‘rst’ – the rst Rhotex 320 in the United States.”

Durst’s Rhotex 320 – winner of the United Kingdom’s prestigious Angel Award for 2010, which acknowledges product innovation most likely to have a signicant impact in the wide-format sector – was designed specically to address the growing popularity of lighter-weight, easier-to-install, higher margin, reusable and “green” media options in production environments.

This wide-format roll-to-roll platform utilizes environmentally water-based dispersed dye inks, and comes equipped with the Quadro® Array 30D AQ print heads congured to print seven colors (CMYK + Light Cyan, Light Magenta, and Gray) delivering photographic quality at up to 775 s.f./hr. Fabrics printed with these inks are entirely environmentally friendly, recyclable and disposable.

A combination of all the printer’s capabilities and Duggal’s array of material options from sheer voile and poly silk to back drop canvas and wrinkle-free media Duggal can provide a solution custom tailored to meet your visual needs.

March 1, 2010

First Installation of the Durst RHO 900 Printer

Today, Duggal Visual Solutions and Durst Image Technology installed the first of its kind, high-resolution 98” wide UV at bed printer, the Durst Rho 900 at one of Duggal’s 4 production facilities in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. This printer comes in addition to another rst in the US for the industry, Durst 500R installed at Duggal in October of last year. The new Durst Rho 900, is a revolutionary hybrid designed printer that can produce photographic quality prints on rigid substrates and roll to roll media at incredibly fast speeds. Christopher Howard, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Durst Image Technology, US., LLC said, “We are very proud to announce that Duggal Visual Solutions is the rst imaging company worldwide to take delivery of our new Rho 900 with these special options.”

“We (Duggal) are excited to add the Durst Rho 900 to our growing fleet of high resolution wide format printers. With the new printer‘s capabilities we are able to print on a vast number of materials from wood, metal, plexi, card stock, and even mirrored material with unparalleled quality and speed”, said Michael Duggal, CEO of Duggal Visual Solutions.

The automated feed table allows Duggal to do auto feeding of boards that are 3MM and thicker at an unprecedented speed, up to 72- 4’ x 8‘ sheets per hour having a quality of output unmatched in the industry. The unique semi automated feeding of thin boards also allows this capability without the long set up time associated with most auto feeders. The combination of print quality, speed and versatility make the Durst Rho 900 with auto feed table the best atbed printer on the market.

In combination to the Durst Rho 900’s speed the printer is also equipped with a completely unique conguration of 2,048 nozzles per color channel. This includes specially formulated inks for 6 color process printing (CMYK, Light Cyan, Light Magenta) and white ink for under or over coat applications on a large variety of substrates. Along with the high quality of inks the Durst Rho 900 also offers special eect spot and ood coat varnish. Chris Howard added that, “The capabilities of what Duggal has installed gives them a very special set of functionality as it relates to production speeds, color sets, material handling for corrugate and special effect printing with varnish.”

These new features will allow Duggal to continue their tradition of providing top of the line graphics but now with even more printing options. Christopher Howard and the Durst Team stated, “Duggal represents the highest quality output services along with uniqueness in their product offerings to their customers, and Durst is very happy to work with Duggal in implementing our printing platforms to support these business goals.”

September 1, 2009

New High Resolution Grand Format Printing Available

Today the first true extremely high-resolution 6- color grand format 16 foot wide roll to roll printer was delivered to Duggal Visual Solutions, Inc. This new UV printer will provides us with the ability to produce in-store window banners, billboards, and fabric murals at a speed and quality level that was previously impossible. The high precision of the carriage system, the linear motor drive technology and the enhanced Quadro Array Technology with 2048 nozzles per color, achieves optimum print quality with high productivity. This highly intelligent printer has built in sensors and a uniquely design media transport system.

To coincide with Duggal’s green initiative this printer will also be added to our EcoImaging line of printing options. With its VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) free UV inks and accredited Nordic Swan certification it meets the most stringent environmental requirements. Unlike existing UV printers in the market today this UV machine prints banding free and without the ink odor prevalent on other platforms.

In addition to being the highest quality 16 foot wide printer in the industry it also has the ability to print with white ink. This outstanding capability allows for a larger range of visual options by extending your material choice into colored base fabrics and vinyl.

Duggal Visual Solutions, Inc. is proud to be the first company in the United States with this revolutionary new technology.

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