On the Road with Girl Be Heard

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On the Road with Girl Be Heard

The Duggal Big Picture Foundation is a proud supporter of Girl Be Heard, a non-profit theatre collective and educational program that enables young women to use the arts as a vehicle for self-empowerment and community leadership. Through the Girl Be Heard curriculum of ensemble-based theatre, writing and storytelling, girls develop their critical thinking and creative skills simultaneously.

On May 21, the group brought its most popular monologues, poetry and musical performances to New York City to celebrate their 2014-2015 season highlights. The one-night-only event saw an exciting lineup of pieces surrounding the theme of resilience, including bits from America’s Dirty Secret, Generations, Displaced and GirlPower.



Perhaps most popular work in Girl Be Heard’s repertoire is the award-winning film I Am A Girl. Directed by filmmaker Rebecca Barry, the documentary follows the lives of six girls from around the world and the hardships they face – issues relatable to every young woman, such as low self-esteem, possessive or abusive boyfriends and loss of family members.


Duggal Visual Solutions is proud of our work as Girl Be Heard’s print service provider and collateral consultant. It is a special opportunity to help this trailblazing group share their mission and story – from their first gala ever, to the exclusive premiere of I Am A Girl in Chelsea, to their latest curriculum, which they personally handed to Michelle Obama. Keep up the great work, girls!