Portraits of Dogs Before and After Bath Time (You’re Welcome)

Curators’ Corner

Portraits of Dogs Before and After Bath Time (You’re Welcome)

Here’s a photo series that will brighten your day: Serena Hodson’s Dry Dog Wet Dog.

The New Zealand-born, Australia-based photographer captures show dogs in two very different physical and emotional states: dry and wet. The portraits are taken against a white or occasionally aquamarine backdrop, and aligned side by side to magnify the contrast. Oh, and they’re pretty adorable – definitely “aw”-inspiring, see:



The idea came to Hodson while she was washing her two dogs, Simon and Garfunkel. Simon is a British bulldog, and Garfunkel is a Frenchie. During bath time, she realized that their personalities changed after being wet. She then tried the side-by-side portrait concept on show dogs.

“The posing and prancing, the search for perfection. So, I wanted to combine all of these pieces of inspiration together and see if there was an idea in it,” she told the Huffington Post.

There was certainly an idea there, so much so that one of Hodson’s friends said she now feels vulnerable and exposed after coming out of the shower with wet hair.

“I think any time humans can identify with an animal’s personality it creates compassion and respect,” Hodson said, “which is always a positive thing.”

Hodson insists that the dogs’ damp moods didn’t last for long, especially when treats were involved.

Amusing, enlightening and ongoing – See more from Dry Dog Wet Dog below, and visit Hodson’s Facebook page and website to see more of her work.