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Project for Darshan

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Project for Darshan

Duggal worked with Manjari Sharma to produce prints for her series “Darshan”. Ms. Sharma has been working to recreate some of the Hindu mythology using costumes, props and three dimensional sets. Duggal printed greeting/announcement cards and digital-c prints for Ms. Sharma.

“A big shout out to Karl Rudisill who discovered Darshan and his supervision over the impeccable quality control. Props to Heather Gorman for being a listener and making sure everything was done on time. And lastly but not the least dearest Mr. Baldev Duggal, owner of Duggal Labs <>  who took the project under his wing and believed in me right from the start.” -Manjari Sharma 

For more information CLICK HERE to read the article about Ms. Sharma’s project on the New York Times Blog!