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Rose Associates: High Impact First Impressions

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Rose Associates: High Impact First Impressions

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As a leader in residential real estate services, Rose Associates, Inc. knows that first impressions are everything. The Rose standard of excellence spans 85 years in every aspect of the industry, from property concept and development through the finest details of operational services.

The design of Rose’s Madison Avenue headquarters in New York City sets the stage for guests and the Rose professional team alike. Upon stepping off the elevators, a portfolio of properties is on display in eight gallery-quality LED grand format panels. Senior Project Manager Jerry Ibaran brought Duggal’s ‘Vision to Visuals’ consultative approach to Rose Associates’ interior designers, overseeing the production of graphics and ultra-thin fixtures. Included in the design are tool-free snap-frames, allowing the gallery hall to be easily updated with hi-res images of the newest Rose properties.