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Laser & Router Cutting

Our precision cutting department utilizes the latest technologies so that we can etch into a wide variety of materials as well as cut through substrates up to 2" thick

Applications include dimensional letters and logos, box making,  fine art cut-outs, and unique shelf and window displays. Materials available for cutting and etching include an array of acrylics, sintra, gatorboard, rubber, fabrics, mirrors, woods, leather and many more. With the technology available at our fingertips we are able to cut virtually through any substrate to satisfy your unique design goals.

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  • Laser Cutting:

    Our multiple Trotec lasers cutting machines use the technology of a beam of light charged with CO2 gas. Our laser is equipped with a camera system to contour cut precisely around printed images and cut through or etch a vast array of materials.

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  • Router Cutting:

    Uses the standard router technology with the added benefit of a camera system that allows for grand format contour cutting around larger printed media up to 72" x 120".

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