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Scanning & Digital Film Output – Duggal Service Feature

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Scanning & Digital Film Output – Duggal Service Feature

Here at Duggal we have a copious amount of different services to offer our customers. One of our features we would like to highlight is the scanning & digital film output.

Duggal was the first photo lab to install a high resolution drum scanner and we have been at the cutting edge ever since. Our top-of-the-line scanners are capable of scanning everything from an artist’s precious originals to entire large archives for museums and large corporations. We have completed projects involving over 50,000 originals as well as the precious originals of some of the most iconic images from the last 150 years.

Our digital film output LVT film recorders are the highest quality photographic film recorder outputs available. With this process we can take your digitally retouched images and output them onto traditional photographic films up to 8×10 inches, including black and white, transparency and color negative films.