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Photographic Lab Services

Forty years ago, Duggal invented "dip and dunk" film processing equipment that revolutionized the industry. Today we remain at the cutting edge by running the tightest processing lines available. We can process and print from all E6, C-41 and B&W films. Our film duplicating department can shoot new negatives or chromes from any film format or piece of artwork. In our new studio we can shoot products, large paintings, jewelry, or sculpture either digitally or conventionally. We also output negatives and transparencies from digital files.

  • E-6, C-41, & B&W:

    All film processed dip & dunk, from Monday- Friday 7 am- 8 pm. E6 last run at 5:30 pm. C41 and B&W last run at 4 pm. All film formats from 35mm, 120mm, 220, 4x5, to 8x10, are handled. E-6 printed within 24 hours. C-41 and B&W process turnaround is 24 hours.  Contact sheets are also 24 hours.

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  • Duraflex:

    Reflective, polyester-based high gloss prints for displays.

  • Cross Processing:

    C-41 in E-6 Shoot Normal, Process +2 stops. E-6 stops. E-6 in C-41- Shoot Normal, Process Normal, Provide color reference for printing contacts. If you have never crossed-processed before, consult the lab before starting a shoot.

  • Color & B&W Contacts::

    Standard or enlarged available. Enlarged contact sheets make it easier to view each frame from your roll and expedite the selection process.

  • Internegs:

    Available from flat art, 35mm, 46mm, 70mm, 4x5 and 8x10. Studio shots from oversized artwork are available in all formats.

  • Standard Dupes:

    Approx. color and density reproduction. No cropping or color correction. For critical reproduction, use custom dupes. Large format duplication from flat art is a custom service.

  • Custom Dupes:

    Closest color and density match. Includes cropping and color correction as requested. Shooting larger or smaller dupes from the original film size is a custom service.

  • Duratrans:

    Translucent-base color transparency material designed for producing large transparencies for backlit displays on illuminators without diffusers.

  • Duraclear:

    Clear-base color transparency material designed for use on illuminators that have built-in diffusers.

  • Metallic:

    Photographic prints on Kodak's extraordinary metallic paper, rendering an entirely new look to images.

  • RC Prints:

    Available in glossy, matte, and luster surfaces. Minor cropping included.

  • Panalure Prints:

    Direct black & white form color negatives.

  • Fiber Prints:

    Hand-made archival silver-gelatin prints on double weight paper. Available in matte and glossy.

  • Gallery Fiber Prints:

    Precise cropping, dodging & burning for the closest match possible. Available in a variety of fine papers: glossy, matte, and pearl.

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