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Leveraging Duggal's proprietary Pro Capture HD system, the Duggal Studio provides unprecedented talent and knowledge in high-definition photographic and digital capture; for image restructuring, restoration, archiving and extreme high-resolution printing.

Our team of professional photographers and retouchers are experts in combining high resolution capture with in-depth knowledge of sophisticated lighting systems, specialty lenses, lighting re-creation and the latest software solutions.  With such capability we push the envelope of digital imaging beyond present day limitations and the ability to produce extreme detail at 3000% to 5000% enlargements. Our unique Digital Film conversion process produces quality at unprecedented detail of your digital files in either 4x5 or 8x10 format in both color and B/W negatives or chromes.

Duggal Studio is called upon for image recreation, digital and conventional film capturing for archiving of fine art and antiquities for museums, galleries and noteworthy artists as well as recreating product shots to avoid costly location reshoots for fashion, ad campaigns and marketing products.  The Duggal Pro Capture HD system captures the subject's true essence - showing every line, detail and texture, dimensions or brush stroke, color range and tonal value and is unmatched in quality for product and jewelry still life shots.

We have handled reproduction from student watercolors to multimillion-dollar paintings and artifacts. Recent clients include: Ralph Lauren, David Yurman, Tiffany’s, The Brooklyn Museum and David LaChapelle.

Duggal Studio also makes location requests economical and efficient for that difficult project since our entire Pro Capture HD system is portable.