The Debut of Emerging Saudi Artist Rex Chouk

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The Debut of Emerging Saudi Artist Rex Chouk

Emerging Saudi artist Rex Chouk will be exhibiting a mixed media show tonight at The Hole NYC Art Gallery in NoHo. His engaging and culturally relevant work will be on display for one night only.


“Combining traditional narratives and contemporary symbols influenced by his upbringing in Saudi Arabia, Rex Chouk presents content from his immediate external surroundings, consumer-culture and current politics. The young artist inspires new conversations and asks his viewers to use pop culture as a vehicle to challenge the status quo and ask the important question ‘But Why?’ As Chouk’s own version of Batman’s Gotham, RXC represents a hyper-millennial iteration of urban environments existing in the New York City art world.”


Using paintings, short films, stretched Canvases, and large format light boxes (The latter two produced by Duggal Visual Solutions), Rex Invites you to join him for his first art exhibition in New York City.


The single night event will take place tonight May 26th, at The Hole NYC, 312 Bowery New York, NY 10012.


Reception will take place from 6:30-9:30pm. Refreshments will be served.