‘Time Slice Global’ – World Landmarks As Seen From Daylight Through Dusk

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‘Time Slice Global’ – World Landmarks As Seen From Daylight Through Dusk

While traveling, it’s easy to be the trigger-happy photographer who captures everything from every angle. After all, between seeing new places and composing the perfect shot, the excitement is hard to contain. And besides, rapid fire is certainly a proven method for capturing your best shots.

NYC-based photographer Richard Silver has a different approach, though. Silver, who has visited more than 200 cities in his life and traveled to 13 countries last year alone, sets up his tripod 30 minutes before sunset and begins a methodical process in which he creates a composite image of a given attraction as it appears from day to night.

From that time through 30 minutes after sunset, Silver snaps away – the exact same shot, usually 40-60 times. He then uploads the images into Lightroom followed by Photoshop, choosing about 36 photos to slice together. The final image, which is reminiscent of a Pantone color guide book, shows the waning of sunlight to darkness from left to right.

Silver first gained notoriety for the technique, which he calls “time slicing,” in 2012 with unique images of Manhattan’s architectural landmarks. He told InMyBag that he originally planned to create a book but struggled with cost and printing logistics, which gave him the idea of combining images.

“I am a very symmetrical person, so the slices were a good fit for my style,” he said.

With the success of his New York series, Silver took the concept around the world. Time Slice Global offers a surreal glimpse of the Colosseum in Rome, the Palace of Westminster in London, the Shanghai skyline, Easter Island and a handful of other locations.

Completely innovative and absolutely inspiring – Check out a few images from Time Slice Global below, and head over to Silver’s website to see more of his work.

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