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Transforming J.Crew’s Presence in Two Fashion Capitals

DVS, Newest Project

Transforming J.Crew’s Presence in Two Fashion Capitals

Mission Media has worked with the best in virtually every business – Puma, Veuve Clicquot and Red Bull, to name a few. Known for developing innovative branding strategies with interactive and event-based campaigns, their collaboration with Duggal Visual Solutions and leading fashion retailer J.Crew drew inspiration from urban landscapes as the point of departure.

A majestic color shift took place across two J.Crew storefronts, one in New York City and one in Miami, where raw off-white stone facades were transformed into J.Crew’s signature color of the season, Dutch Sky Blue. Duggal’s Carole Garcia expertly choreographed the project’s execution on deadline, within just three business days, overseeing the completion of site surveys, measurements, material specs, power washing at the Miami location, and the final printing and installation on an expedited schedule.

The labor-intensive technique of heat shrink-wrapping the adhesive vinyl onto stone façades was performed by two of Duggal’s most trusted 3M certified installers. In Miami, the transformation occurred overnight, with shoppers waking up to a vibrantly altered environment.