Uniqlo, Mona Kim Warm Up Winter with HEATTECH Holiday Displays

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Uniqlo, Mona Kim Warm Up Winter with HEATTECH Holiday Displays

Always innovative and art-centric, Uniqlo made its mark on the 2016 holiday season with a beautiful set of interior and exterior displays created in collaboration with award-winning visual designer, Mona Kim.

Working in tandem with production partner, Trip Kyle, Kim transformed Uniqlo’s three NYC flagship stores–inside and out– into bright, gradient exhibitions inspired by the brand’s HEATTECH line of technologically advanced cold weather clothing. Duggal Visual Solutions was called on to produce an array of vinyl graphics and lightboxes for the environments, which required rigorous site surveys and expert material consultancy also provided by Duggal.

“I have always kind of been adverse to very literal holiday symbols whether it’s Santa Claus, snowflakes or other things. With Uniqlo, it’s a great opportunity because they give me that creative space to make something more interactive and not have to resort to those types of things,” Kim told WWD. “This is the opposite of the Macy’s windows approach, which are beautiful in their own way. That’s just not the right approach for Uniqlo, which is so much about functionality.”

See photos from Uniqlo’s 2016 HEATTECH holiday displays below.