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Upholding the McCann Worldgroup Brand in NYC

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Upholding the McCann Worldgroup Brand in NYC

For an esteemed firm like McCann Worldgroup, a sharp first impression is a non-negotiable. After other vendors struggled to literally uphold the company’s proud name at its 3rd Ave. offices in NYC Midtown East, McCann’s Brad Mintz called on Duggal Senior Account Executive, Carole Garcia, to find a solution for fallen signage.

After an initial meeting with the McCann team, it became clear that Duggal’s resources and expertise were needed to meet the complexity of the job requirements. The façade of the lobby wall was receiving direct sunlight, which meant that a successful material would need to resist expanding and contracting with heat. The underlying support structure also required close examination to determine exact measurements, weight load, and how to best attach a new sign with no visible screws on the surface–this all in addition to producing oversized panels with perfectly matched colors and sizes.

Garcia brought one of Duggal’s VPs, Mark Wenger, onboard the project as a material and fabrication consultant. His recommendation to use powder coated aluminum panels provided the first key step in a challenging process. Once the approach and timeline were approved, Duggal systematically performed numerous site visits, checking and double-checking all measurements. We also presented detailed shop drawings, and coordinated all fabrication while keeping the client informed every step of the way. The white glove installation required five Duggal experts to remove a temporary sign and carefully arrange the new panels.