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Video & Multimedia

In 2002 Duggal opened a new multimedia division to offer video and film transfer service as part of a total solution package for corporation as well as individuals. We can help you create a memorable and stunning slideshows or video montages to your specifications and budget. Our technicians are available for one on one sit down sessions where you can direct the final edit of your personal or commercial video footage. Duggal offers everything from VHS duplication and DVD transfers to designing and producing custom video displays for showrooms, exhibitions, and events. 


Past Multimedia Projects:

Matthew Williamson- Store Display

Monoco- Portable Exhibit Displays

Hewitt Packard Interactive Young Lion Exhibit

  • Film Transfer:

    8mm and 16mm film transfers directly to DVD or to digital capture for editing. We clean every reel that goes through the machine with a special film cleaner and a technique that temporarily fills in the scratches on the film surface to reduce the amount of noise in the picture. Duggal’s newest machine transfer system now provides a complete digital transfer without dropping to an analog signal at any point in the transfer. As an added bonus we also do a basic tone, color, and gamma correction for the over all reel.    

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  • Video Displays and Projectors:

    Duggal can help you build a complete multimedia environment utilizing our full design, fabrication, and installation services. 

  • Interactive Exhibitions:

    Duggal can help you build a custom complete interactive tradeshow or gallery exhibition with incorporated audio, video and even touch screens technology utilizing our full design, fabrication, and installation services.     

  • DVD Duplication:

    Additional copies of original video or data DVDs. We are capable of handling short and long runs projects. Custom labels available. 


  • Digital Video & Audio Editing:

    From corporate applications to home movies Duggal's technicians can help you get the look and feel you want in your movie. Our team can help you make a one of a kind slideshows from existing media, captions, titles, 3-d logos, animations, and custom projects.    

  • International Video Conversions:

    From Foreign video formats (P.A.L. & S.E.C.A.M) to US formats (N.T.S.C. VHS & DVD) as well as US format to Foreign formats.    

  • Video Grab:

    Direct photo print from analog video frames. Duggal’s Interactive team is available for sit down session where you can select the exact still from a video and save it in a variety of formats. Video grabs are recommend for web and digital prints up to size 5” x7”. Larger prints may require additional retouching.    

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