Weatherproof® – Fall 2015 Men’s Book

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Weatherproof® – Fall 2015 Men’s Book

No one in apparel resounds its brand promise by name more than Weatherproof®.  For over 60 years, Weatherproof® has grown from primarily a manufacturer of men’s outerwear to a mainstay, branded label with men’s and women’s divisions catering to diverse lifestyles.

Duggal’s custom digital press team is proud to partner with Weatherproof®’s creative team; previously on their elegant women’s 2015 brand book, and most recently on their men’s book.


In order to create a book that captured the masculine imagery and clothes of the men’s Fall 2015 line, Duggal utilized it’s digital small-format press department, fine art dimensional printers and hand stitch finishers to produce the cover, binding, and pages, seamlessly matching the brawn of the book’s photography.


The cover photograph of concrete was given the true-to-life coarse texture utilizing Duggal’s unique dimensional printing capability.  Our trained team is able to produce print surfaces that truly mimic the texture of a specific object in an image, teasing the sense of touch to the viewer.

Balancing the rough-hewn printing of the cover, is the color-matched, Japanese style, hand strung-binding of Duggal’s finishing team.  This escalates the overall perception of the catalog into a unique, limited-edition-style piece.  Additional, larger quantities were produced perfect-bound for wider distribution.


Weatherproof® brings innovative ideas to apparel to engage its customers.  We at Duggal thrive on the opportunity to bring such concepts to reality.