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World Refugee Day with RefugePoint

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World Refugee Day with RefugePoint

There were an estimated 15.4 million refugees worldwide at the end of 2012 in addition to an estimated 6.5 million new internally displaced persons (IDPs), equating to a new refugee or IDP every 4.1 seconds.

More than 3 million refugees face life-threatening daily conditions in Africa, where non-profit organization RefugePoint focuses its efforts in finding long-term solutions for the most vulnerable refugees including orphans, women, survivors of torture and illness, the elderly and those in imminent physical danger. Since its founding in 2005, RefugePoint has worked in more than 20 locations in 15 war-torn countries.

In honor of World Refugee Day, RefugePoint hosted an event near its Boston headquarters. The gala featured an exhibit of photos by Amy Toensing capturing the lives of urban refugee children in Nairobi separated from their parents by war and violence. “In the Shadows: Urban Refugee Children” was funded through Kickstarter, where 178 backers raised more than 16,000 dollars in a little more than a month for the project and exhibit.

Duggal Visual Solutions is a proud printing sponsor of RefugePoint’s World Refugee Day event featuring Amy Toensing’s emotional images. We are honored to contribute to such a great cause and uplifting evening.

"In the Shadows: Urban Refugee Children"

Amy Toensing's "In the Shadows: Urban Refugee Children"

Photo Production at Duggal Visual Solutions

Photo by Amy Toensing

Photo by Amy Toensing

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