12 Awesomely Creative Selfies

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12 Awesomely Creative Selfies

We’ve covered the selfie phenomenon quite a bit here on Duggal Connect – from Fujifilm’s “selfie-ready” camera, to reasons not to take selfies with wild animals, to selfies on Mars, and most recently, a large format selfie stick.

That realization got us thinking, “What makes a great selfie?” And after a bit of deliberation (not much, to be honest), the answer became clear: creativity. Anyone can flex in front of a mirror, pucker their lips, or raise their eyebrows. But it takes a photo-genius combination of flair and pizazz to execute a truly original selfie. Here are 12 super-cool selfies from around the web to spark your imagination:

Impressive alignment. (via UltraLinx)

Via UltraLinx

When “sketchy” means “awesome.” (via UltraLinx)

via UltraLinx 3

One with the city. (via UltraLinx)

Via UltraLinx 2

Not sure what’s going on here, but props. (via The Most 10)

Via The Most 10

Props here, too (literally). (via Fstoppers)

via Fstoppers

Bug eyes. (via Buzzfeed)

via Buzzfeed

Earth-shattering. (via Buzzfeed)

via Buzzfeed 2

Drone selfie. (via Bored Panda)

Surrounded. (via Bored Panda)

via Bored Panda 2

This is terrifying. (via The Most 10)

Rooftopper via The Most 10

Old school. (via The Most 10)

Retro-tape-portrait (Via The Most 10)

See the selfie through a new lens. (via The Most 10)

By-Instant-Vantage (via The Most 10)