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3 Questions to Ask Before Wide Format Printing

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3 Questions to Ask Before Wide Format Printing

Wide format printing can make a big impact—literally and figuratively—on your audience. However, the execution is imperative to ensuring your wide format graphics are visually appealing. Here are a few key questions to ask yourself in order to properly size and scope a wide format printing project.

What is the Anticipated Viewing Distance?

The first element you will want to confirm is how far the typical viewer will be in relation to the piece. In the case of a billboard, for example, they may be looking up from 50 feet below. Meanwhile, a building wrap will be closer to eye level. The viewing distance will in many ways dictate how large the overall piece should be, as well as the design and messaging.

What Material Should You Use?

Material selection is always important. Make sure to tell your printer whether your graphic will be outdoors, indoors, or a combination of the two. Duggal Visual Solutions can recommend the right inks and material that will preserve the life of your print and help you get more mileage out of your investment.

Will You Need Installation Services?

Regardless of your anticipated placement, think long-term as to the best strategy for installation of your wide format print piece. Window clings, retail barricades, wall murals, and many other places wide format prints are found require precise installation techniques. You would hate to see your perfectly designed print negated by poor installation.

Duggal: An A-to-Z Vendor for Wide Format Printing

Duggal has produced wide format graphics of all types, sizes, materials and uses for leading brands worldwide. If you are considering wide format printing, let our experts lead you through the process, from specifications and logistics through installation. Click here to learn more.