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3 Reasons to Consider a Light Box Display

Techniques/ Tips

3 Reasons to Consider a Light Box Display

Light boxes can be a powerful and effective way to draw in customers. Whether you’re a vendor with a booth at a conference, the owner of a store in a busy mall or a visual artist, it’s all about catching the eyes of your audience. Humans are mesmerized by light—which makes a light box a natural attention grabber. Here are the top reasons to consider a light box for your store, booth or event.

Messaging, Emphasized

It’s often said that you get three seconds to earn and then keep a consumer’s attention with advertising. What better way to deliver key messaging about your brand, product or service than by coupling it with a vibrant and colorful lighting display? With a light box, you are literally highlighting the key communication points that will resonate with customers.

LED Efficiency

As lighting technology has shifted to more of an energy-saving approach, the longevity of investments like a light box have gotten all the more practical. No need to worry about old school lightbulbs burning out at inopportune moments. LED lighting allows for longer run times, without sacrificing light quality or the environment.

Creative Design

One of the best parts about light boxes—and what makes them fun projects for us at Duggal—is the extent to which you can customize your display. From size, thickness and framing to font, colors and effects, the possibilities are endless. Duggal’s new LUMIPIXELS™, for example, combine the awe of a light box with sequenced animation for a truly unique display.

Trust Duggal for Your Light Box Projects

Interested in or considering a light box? Duggal can walk you through the benefits, production process and installation. Learn more about our custom light boxes and speak with a visual consultant today!