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3 Solutions for a Safer Workplace During the Pandemic


3 Solutions for a Safer Workplace During the Pandemic

While many employers are continuing to have their teams work remotely, some may be ready to begin the reopening process. Slowly but surely, most will at some point welcome employees back to their offices. When that time comes for your company, here are a few of the initial steps to take in order to reduce the risk of the coronavirus.

  1. Partitions

One of the first investments many employers will want to make when re-entering the workplace will be partition shields. These acrylic barriers, seen during the 2020 U.S. presidential debates, serve as sneeze guards. They can also be designed with your company’s branding so that they become part of the workplace design. Read more.

  1. Sanitizer Stations

Previously, a hand-pump sanitizer station may have been considered above and beyond what most employers would install in an office. Now, many companies are installing contactless kiosks that automatically dispense sanitizer based on a proximity sensor. View our online brochure.

  1. Social Distancing Signage

If there is one retail and workplace trend that has become ubiquitous in the pandemic, it is social distancing signage. From floor graphics to A-frames to stand-up banners, there are three messaging essentials to keep in mind when designing your social distancing signs. Read more.

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Workplace Spotlight: Johnson & Johnson

While racing to develop a COVID-19 vaccine, Johnson & Johnson is skipping no steps in keeping its employees protected at work during the ongoing pandemic. The multinational medical device, pharmaceutical and consumer goods company recently tapped into Duggal’s COVID-19 comeback kit, drawing inspiration from retail reopenings to update its workplace strategy with all of the above.

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