3D Rendering at Duggal

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3D Rendering at Duggal

From the Retouching Department at Duggal Visual Solutions, comes a new way to preview physical products and displays!

Using high-end 3D software, Duggal has the ability to give clients a way to view any setup, layout, and material, of their product at any angle. Using the power of these high-end programs, Duggal can render images quickly, and change design on the go.

Duggal’s qualified retouchers have extensive knowledge of these 3D programs and can create true-to-life renderings.

The process begins with an idea drawn on a paper and a few dimensions. From there, Duggal’s 3D experts can create a fully rendered scene, complete with lighting, material textures, and logo placements.

For more information on Duggal’s 3D rendering services please contact connect@duggal.com