4 Ways to Profit from Your Photography Degree

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4 Ways to Profit from Your Photography Degree

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that photography has the lowest job growth of any occupation in 2016. While smartphones and social media have certainly lowered the barrier to entry, photography is not a dying field—it’s just evolving. Photographers should not be dismayed by the field’s languid 3 percent growth rate; rather, they should see it as an opportunity to branch off into growing markets that need photography, including:

Web Design Agencies

Photographers have a natural eye for elements like color schemes and layouts that can make or break website designs. While graphic designers often work with web developers to build user-friendly layouts, their ultimate design usually hinges on photography. Think about it: How many landing pages have you navigated to that opened with a sweeping landscape shot or paired buttons to other pages with thumbnail images? While some agencies may defer to stock photography, the ones that excel will prefer to consult with photographers to shoot custom photos.



Perhaps a more traditional career path for photographers, journalism is a great way to whet your appetite for adventure, especially if you’re tired of routine engagement shoots or other community events. Whether you dream of exploring the streets of foreign cities or shooting (and sampling) the best appetizers at the new neighborhood restaurant, the constantly shifting assignments native to the industry can be a refreshing way to challenge your expertise while gaining memorable life experiences.


Advertising and Production Agencies

50-foot billboards, 1-inch banner ads, full-page magazine prints—these are just a few of the mediums that advertising agencies rely on to make their clients’ campaigns shine. Successful advertising campaigns have stellar media assets. Whether they default to in-house production teams or hire third party studios, the fact is somebody has to man the shoot. And, because brands are constantly evolving, photographers are in constant need.

A photo by Wojtek Witkowski. unsplash.com/photos/h7rOzTmGxWE


A bit glorified, maybe, but a career as a fashion photographer is sure to be filled with excitement—from following models down the runway, to directing their poses for a print shoot, to laying out garments to capture the season’s hottest trends . Not only will you get a chance to shoot a variety of subjects, but the relationships you build and maintain with editors, models, and agencies will also make you a more successful professional. If you feel the fashion niche is your calling, check out the work of famed New York Times photographer Bill Cunningham, who passed away this past summer.


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