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Keurig K-Cups Are Going Green


Keurig K-Cups Are Going Green

Keurig Dr Pepper is making all of its K-cups recyclable by the end of 2020, CEO Bob Gamgort told CNBC. “It’s part of a bigger program to make sure that our environmental footprint is down,” he said, referring to the company’s “Drink Well. Do Good.” campaign.

The first report from the program, released in July 2019, states that the new pods are made of polypropylene #5 plastic, a material widely accepted curbside for recycling. Extensive testing has been conducted with municipal recycling facilities to prove they can be effectively recycled. Canada is already fully converted to recyclable K-cups.

“Keurig Dr Pepper now has the scale and ambition to make a real difference to people and our planet, and this report marks an important milestone on our journey…,” said Chief Sustainability Officer Monique Oxender. “We will continue to track our progress and focus on turning ambition into action, continuing our demonstrated leadership in plastics recycling and responsible sourcing, while making new strides in other important areas.”

Duggal Visual Solutions applauds our friends at Keurig Dr Pepper on their large-scale sustainability initiatives. In 2018, we brought environmental graphics to their Burlington, Massachusetts headquarters in the form of unique wall murals developed in partnership with Gensler.

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One mural imitates the texture of a burlap coffee bag to an impressive level of detail, thanks to high-resolution scanning and hours of retouching by the Duggal Creative Studio. Another appears as a fun and inviting chalkboard, hand-painted and paired with magnetic stencils.

We can smell the coffee—and see the stewardship—as we speak.