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5 Examples of Effective Outdoor Signage


5 Examples of Effective Outdoor Signage

Outdoor signage is a time-tested way for your brand to be seen. But it’s not just about catching someone’s eye; it’s more a matter of earning their attention and delivering a message that makes an impact.

There is a 3-30-300 rule that provides a few quick guidelines for how long someone will spend processing a given form of content:

  1. 300 seconds to digest a website / digital platform.
  2. 30 seconds to digest a video commercial.
  3. 3 seconds to digest an outdoor advertisement.

When we think about having just three seconds to get your message across with outdoor signage, these examples rise to the top in terms of the balance between visual and written messaging.


Israeli Food Bank

Photo Credit: Israeli Food Bank

Portraying a gutter as a dish rack set the tone for this stark and poignant ad. The two competing visuals make it clear we’re exploring something that’s negative, before we even take in the message.

With simple, yet effective copy, the minimalism in this ad succinctly gets the point across, with a call to action to learn more at the Israeli Food Bank’s website.


Hubba Bubba 

Photo Credit: Hubba Bubba

Sometimes, you just need those three seconds to reinforce your brand’s unique value.

For Hubba Bubba, it’s pretty straightforward: an endless gum supply.

With no copy needed and using 3D techniques to give the illusion of the gum wrapping around the billboard, there’s no mistaking the brand behind this ad.


Newcastle Brown Ale vs. Stella Artois 

Photo Credit: Stella Artois, Newcastle Brown Ale

Ahh, the classic billboard battle. In this case, location and timing helped Newcastle reinforce its message at the expense of the competition.

The blue-collar beer brand took a unique opportunity to point out the absurdity in the white-collar Stella messaging, positioning its product as the more approachable option.


Dutch Stutter Foundation

Photo Credit: Dutch Stutter Foundation

What better way to convey your mission than by stating a problem and solving it with a 3-second solution?

The storyline of this outdoor advertisement is really something special when you consider how succinctly the Dutch Stutter Foundation approaches a serious and sensitive topic.



Photo Credit: NIVEA

Outdoor signage is becoming more interactive. NIVEA exemplifies ingenuity in advertising by creating a billboard allowing audiences to “pop” bubble wrap as a metaphor for getting rid of acne. Talk about a memorable message, not to mention flawless execution.

Do these ads make you want to create outdoor signage for your brand? Duggal can go as big as you’d like and be as innovative as you need. Contact us to get started.