ICYMI: 5 New Year’s Resolutions for Creatives

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ICYMI: 5 New Year’s Resolutions for Creatives

A new year brings a fresh start – a chance to initiate positive changes and set lofty goals. And for visual creatives, the idea of a blank canvas is especially exciting.

Have you made your New Year’s resolution for 2016? Here are 5 things that any photographer, artist or designer can put effort toward in the New Year:

Enhance Your Personal Brand

Personal branding is an art form in its own right, and it’s arguably the most important thing you can do for your professional career. Even if you’re working full-time in-house, you should create a brand for yourself and nurture it. Without your own brand, it’s difficult to stand out among the sea of other creatives out there.

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Try a New Medium

Expanding your horizons can help to fuel inspiration and creativity. If you’re a painter, try photography. If you’re a photographer, try drawing. If you’re a designer, try painting. Not only will you feel refreshed when you get back to your forte; you might even discover a new passion.

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Make New Connections

Networking could very well be the most beaten-to-a-pulp buzzword around. But its significance is undeniable, and when you do it right, it’s not the “alone in a crowded room” feeling you might be hiding from. There are endless networking opportunities in everyday situations and conversations. Plus, social media (which you’re probably fairly comfortable with) is a gold mine for making new contacts.


Gain a New Strategic Partner

Without making strides in your career, networking can begin to feel pointless. The next best thing to gaining clients is gaining strategic partners, creatives whose skills complement yours. For example, a designer might tap into a whole new pipeline of business by partnering with a copywriter. Likewise, an artist could benefit from partnering with a new brand or local business.


Increase Your Exposure

Even introverts can stand to seek the spotlight every now and then. When you capitalize on opportunities for exposure, it helps you accomplish the four items above, all at once. For photographers, Duggal runs contests throughout the year and recognizes the winners here on our blog. Check out the winners from our most recent contest here.

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Need a little extra kick to get a jump on 2016? Here’s a New Year’s message from our founder, Baldev Duggal.