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5 Things to Consider for Step and Repeat Banners

Techniques/ Tips

5 Things to Consider for Step and Repeat Banners

If you have not heard the term, “step and repeat banner,” you have certainly seen it in action.

Think press conferences, red carpet events and trade show booths, and you can probably visualize a branded backdrop like the one pictured here:

Although it may look like a simple execution, there are five important things to look for when choosing a printer for your step and repeat banners.


Step and repeat banners are larger-than-usual prints. Therefore, you must consider how you can achieve the highest resolution possible in your final product. Having an image appear pixelated or distorted looks tacky and can distract your audience from the event.


Additionally, the step and repeat banner material you use will play a part in how your event is received by attendees. You want the quality of the material to be in tune with the type of event you’re putting on. Ask your printer to confirm the stability and durability of the material they’re recommending.

Turnaround Time

Oftentimes, printing a step and repeat banner is a multi-week process. Therefore, it’s important that you get out ahead as much as possible. Initiate the project with your creative and production teams as soon as you know you will need a step and repeat banner. This will help you meet deadlines, and reduce some of the stress that inevitably comes with staging an event.


An often-overlooked part of the banner print process is installation. Think about it: If you’re dealing with a banner that is 40’ x 40’, then you need to decide if your staff can handle the task of setting it up. If not, be sure to select a printer that offers installation services. Also remember to double check that the size of the prospective banner is properly fitted for the venue.


Many times, the primary purpose of step and repeat banners is to reinforce the brand, partners or sponsors of the event. Therefore, it’s critical that your banner uphold the guidelines and elements of your brand, down to every detail. Don’t settle for anything less than perfection!

A Trusted Partner for Step and Repeat Banners

Duggal has produced countless step and repeat banners for top brands, museums, galleries and venues. From helping you strategize to sending a full team of experts to assist with framing and installation, we will ensure your step and repeat banner meets all of the checkpoints above. Contact us for step and repeat banner options, pricing and recommendations.