5 Useful Holiday Gifts for Graphic Designers

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5 Useful Holiday Gifts for Graphic Designers

Everyone loves fuzzy socks, hip t-shirts and coffee makers, but the truth is that graphic designers are workaholics at heart. They spend countless hours immersed in their next creation. With this in mind, we’ve sifted through the many holiday gift guides out there to handpick the top gifts that your graphic designer friend or family member can use in their work life.

Laptop Stand

The laptop is an amazing device, but it’s also one that wreaks havoc on the human body. You’re hunching over, squinting, and placing prolonged, awkward stress on the wrists and forearms. An ergonomic laptop stand can help “realign” a designer’s relationship with their trusty laptop. Keep in mind that depending on the model you choose and your recipient’s personal preferences, you may want to pair this gift with a wireless keyboard.

Portable Laptop Battery

Design programs tend to drain a laptop’s battery quickly. A portable external battery can be a life-changing gift for the freelance designer who likes to take advantage of the “work from anywhere” lifestyle. Never again will they have to sit on an airport floor to stay charged.

Dropbox Plus Subscription

Dropbox is one of the most popular file hosting services among creative professionals. While a free account comes with 2 GB of space, that’s basically a day’s work for a designer. A Dropbox Plus account comes with 1 TB of space—now that’s more like it—along with other features that make it easier to store, access and back up files. This is something many designers would probably hold off on buying when left to their own devices, but greatly appreciate receiving as a gift.

Website Deck

Now, it’s time for a break from the computer with the Website Deck from UX Kits. Essentially a deck of cards for mapping out the elements of a website, the Website Deck is a fun and creative way for a designer to visualize their next website project and collaborate with the rest of the creative team.

Professional Photo Book

All that great work deserves a beautiful portfolio—not just online, but also in print. A professional photo book from Shop Duggal has a gloss cover with true photo paper inside. Being that your recipient is a designer, they’ll have a blast turning this into a personal project with professional value.

Happy holidays to all of the graphic designers out there! Do what you love and love what you do.