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5 Visual Strategies for Retail Window Displays


5 Visual Strategies for Retail Window Displays

Your store has a window for creativity—quite literally—in retail window displays. In addition to being eye-catching, the best retail displays are also engaging and intriguing. How do you achieve all of the above? Here are a few foundational strategies.

Go Big
In malls and shopping districts, brands are vying for attention over a world of distraction. Oftentimes, the largest display is the one to which customers gravitate. If you have a sizable storefront, don’t be afraid to leverage that space to your advantage with large format graphics.

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Window Display from when Adidas Celebrated he FIFA World Cup in Brazil 

Go Digital
Converting your traditional window displays to digital signage can open up a new avenue for visual communication. In response to the coronavirus pandemic, many stores turned to digital signage to provide important updates in real time. Meanwhile, digital displays also allow for visual content ranging from soothing and calming to energetic and enlivening.

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From Hennessy XO Pop Up at JFK Airport

Shine Light
Humans are naturally attracted to light. Incorporate a light box into your display to draw customers into the design and into your store. A light box can serve as a backdrop, accent, or as the main focus.

Get Intricate
With laser and router cutting, virtually any design is possible. Even vinyl window graphics can be cut with unbelieve precision. Let your designers run wild or bring your vision to our designers to develop alongside our in-house production experts. We’re here to “Imagine. Partner. Create. Inspire.”

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From Naturopathica’s Holiday Display

Be Seasonal
Looking to freshen up your retail window displays? Many brands use their windows to promote seasonal campaigns and products. Your advertising agency or marketing department will be excited for the extra real estate, too.

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