6 Brand-Defining Applications for Wide Format Graphics

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6 Brand-Defining Applications for Wide Format Graphics

In modern advertising, “go big or go home” often rings true. How does a brand make a big impact in a big market like, say, New York City, or San Francisco? The answer is: with big graphics.

Duggal was the first company ever to wrap an entire building in a wide format (also referred to as large format) digital mural. That groundbreaking success in 1993 set the stage for us to become a leading global producer of wide format graphics and displays. Here are six ways we help the world’s most recognized brands bring their grandest visions to the eyes of consumers:

Custom Wallpaper

We have the capability to produce a seamless piece of custom wallpaper as large as wallpaper rolls come, which is typically around 16 feet wide by 125 feet long. Wallpaper prints beautifully, and installs very easily. It can also hide wall imperfections and augment the visual impact of high ceilings.

Starbucks_Grand-Central-Location DUGGAL_ISLAND-RECORDS-02

Outdoor Banners

One of the most common questions we get from clients seeking wide format printing is, “Will it last outside?” Indeed, we have an array of solutions – such as mesh and vinyl – that hold durable, weatherproof qualities and can withstand even the harshest of elements. Our dye-sublimation printer enables us to deeply infuse ink into a variety of textiles for custom outdoor banners, flags, curtains and more.


Indoor Banners

Likewise, the same types of banners are frequently used indoors, with additional fabric options for unique textures and finishes.



A billboard is the time-tested tactic for conveying a bold brand message to consumers during their everyday lives. Billboards are impossible to ignore, especially when they’re creative, like this shiny sequin billboard we produced for American Eagle in SoHo:


Building Wraps

The aforementioned breakthrough in 1993 wasn’t the only time we’ve wrapped a building in an image; we’ve been doing it regularly ever since.

DUGGAL_CARTIER-WRAP-01 4_Wide-Format-and-Archival-Pigment-Printing_Large-Format

Fleet Graphics

Duggal’s large format team produces high-resolution fleet graphics for cars, trains, buses, boats and more. These custom wraps deliver visual brand messages with color, detail and creative flair in motion.


Your Go-To Wide Format Printer

Looking for wide format graphics to put your brand in the spotlight? We work with top retail brands, architecture firms, real estate agencies, sports teams, event venues, museums, galleries, and events producers to provide memorable displays that captivate and inspire consumers. Click here to learn more about our wide format printing services, or call us at 212-242-7000.