6 Photogenic American Cities That Aren’t New York

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6 Photogenic American Cities That Aren’t New York

It should come as no surprise that Times Square is No. 1 among the 2015 Most Instagrammed Places in the World. New York is a perennial favorite destination for photo-happy travelers and professional photographers alike. Between the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, the Brooklyn Bridge, One World Trade Center, Central Park, and the hundreds of other attractions that visitors flock to, the Big Apple is practically the photographic center of the universe.

We love New York with all of our hearts. It’s our home. But, we also know that there are so many other cities across the world with equally astounding imagery, including quite a few right here in the U.S. Here are 6 photogenic American cities worth exploring:


Seattle has much more to offer than the Space Needle, although the iconic observation tower’s distinct design never gets old to the eyes. From majestic Mount Rainier to lively Pike Place Market, the largest city in the Pacific Northwest offers something new and interesting around every corner, with stunning natural beauty as the backdrop in every direction.


San Francisco

So, this isn’t a very bold pick. Everyone knows San Francisco is totally awesome. The Golden Gate Bridge is a “Most Instagrammed Place” in its own right. But we couldn’t possibly leave SF off this list. Whether you’re atop the Twin Peaks, on the Embarcadero or in the heart of the Mission District, it’s hard not to come away with gorgeous shots.

San Francisco, CA, USA

New Orleans

A visit to New Orleans is an open stroll through one of America’s most unique cities. With character to charm and architecture to admire, the Crescent City’s natural photogenic flair sparks creativity and inspiration. If you’re looking less for quaint and more for excitement, go during Mardi Gras!



The history in Philadelphia is incredible, and much of it has been preserved visually while simultaneously being integrated with a cool modern skyline. Plus, Philly is a quick ride by bus, car or train from New York City. Tip: visit on a weekday and check out the City Hall Tower and Observation Deck, where you’ll find yourself nestled under the unmissable statue of William Penn.


San Diego

Rugged coastline, breathtaking mountains, sandy beaches, sea caves, panoramic cityscapes – San Diego has it all, not to mention fantastic weather for an all-day exploration. Be careful though, you might never want to leave!


Portland, Oregon

Lastly, back to the Great Northwest, where Portland (often regarded as a mini-Seattle) is quickly becoming one of the country’s hottest places to live, work and play. People love photographing New York’s bridges. Well, the Rose City has 13 cool crossings along the Willamette River alone. And just as Seattle has Mount Rainier, Portland points to magnificent Mount Hood.


What are your favorite U.S. cities to photograph? Tell us in the comments below, and stay tuned to Duggal Connect for future follow-ups in this series.