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7 Reasons to Take Up Photography

Curators’ Corner

7 Reasons to Take Up Photography

You don’t have to be a tripod-slinging, backpack-wearing nomad to be a photographer. Just about anyone can enjoy photography and benefit from all that the art form has to offer. Have you ever considered investing in a camera and taking on photography as a side hobby? Here are 7 reasons you should:

You’ll feel closer to your community.

After Baltimore researchers encouraged inner-city teens to photograph healthier alternatives to joining gangs, they found that the teens suddenly had the courage to engage their communities, document their perspective, and magnify their voice.

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It can inspire you to eat healthy foods.

Want to get healthy? Take a shot — of fresh food, that is. The same “photovoice” that empowered crime-prone teens to investigate their communities also translates to goal-setting. So, photographing healthy food actually inspires fruit and vegetable consumption. Hello, kale!

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You’ll feel happier.

Feeling blue? Snap out of it. Seriously, though: Art therapy has proven that tapping into your creative side makes you happier and more stable. Pick up a camera and take a look around you. Stepping back from your personal life and reexamining your environment through the eye of a camera may be all you need to gain clarity and focus on what really matters.

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You’ll have a stronger sense of self.

Capturing a self portrait can shed light on emotions you didn’t know you were feeling and reveal traits you didn’t know you had — something you may not have experienced in decades. So get back in touch with your inner self. You can never be too old for self discovery.

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You’ll exercise your brain.

Do you know what the ‘golden hour’ is? Or when to set your camera’s aperture for a high shutter speed? Just like learning a new language, learning photography challenges your brain and leads to significant mental strides, especially for your memory.

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An excuse to decorate!

Lose the drab curtains and kitschy decor, and surround yourself with photos of the things you love. Arrange the fruit bowl idling on your windowsill, or step outside and shoot your grandchildren’s sudden burst of energy. Then, frame your favorites. The new look will keep your home feeling fresh and cozy.

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You’ll get fit — physically and mentally.

Exercise your body and mind by stepping outside of your comfort zone and tuning into the environment around you. Whether you’re shooting stunning mountaintop views or close-ups in your home, photography will stimulate your mind and force you to get up and get moving.

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Turning your photography into artwork

Once you have shots that you like, the next step is to get them produced professionally. With photo lab roots dating back more than 50 years and an array of photographic printing services, Duggal Visual Solutions is one of New York City’s most respected production houses. Stop by our headquarters at 29 West 23rd Street near the Flatiron Building, or call us at 212-242-7000 to speak to a visual consultant about printing your beautiful work!