A ‘Christmas City’ Comes to Life at Marimekko

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A ‘Christmas City’ Comes to Life at Marimekko

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, when sleepy towns and big cities all over the world glow with holiday spirit.

Fashion mainstay, Marimekko describes the excitement of the holiday season perfectly:

“A city preparing for the holidays captivates the imagination. Every building is home to many hidden stories; each city-dweller has his or her own tale to tell. Street lights, bridges, chimneys, snow-covered roofs – all whisper their own secrets.”

As Christmastime nears and New York City begins to feel like a life-sized Christmas Village, Marimekko charms holiday shoppers with an enchanting “Christmas City” encased in their NYC flagship windows.


After commissioning designer and illustrator Lotta Nieminen to create a holiday display inspired by the cheerful and warm colors of the new Marimekko winter collection, the Finnish design house called on Duggal production manager Monica Drew, who with the help of Demian Cacciolo, constructed a large, intricate piece that required ultimate die-cut precision. The result is a truly cheerful display that encourages passersby to stop and marvel at the magic of Christmas in the city, while similar graphics produced by Duggal adorn several other Marimekko stores across the U.S.

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