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A Flower Through the Eyes of a Tyrannosaurus Rex

DVS Project

A Flower Through the Eyes of a Tyrannosaurus Rex

The American Museum of Natural History’s new exhibition, T. rex: The Ultimate Predator, is quickly becoming one of New York City’s hottest attractions. After all, everyone loves to learn about dinosaurs, especially the most ferocious of them all.

But T. rex isn’t necessarily what you think he is. He had a big family and started out as “a fluffy little critter.” It is true that he grew to become a big, fast, mean killing machine. In the exhibition, you can follow the evolution.

One of the more interesting displays in T. rex: The Ultimate Predator is also one of the smallest and easiest to miss. A stereoscope comparison of a human’s vision and that of a T. rex uses a flower to illustrate the difference. It’s an eye-opening dichotomy, to say the least. We know because we recreated the 35mm film slides on Duraclear display film. Our HD printing capabilities enabled us to capture the images with crisp, clear detail and fast turnaround, while our appreciation for the bridge between analog and digital ensured complete accuracy, even under the time restraint.

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Guys, don’t miss this exhibition. It’s T. rex. Learn more and buy tickets here.