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A Simple Social Distancing Solution for the Open Office Plan


A Simple Social Distancing Solution for the Open Office Plan

Some workplace experts are suggesting that the coronavirus pandemic “may mean the end of the open-floor office.”

We’re not going to be so quick to write off an environment that has previously been lauded for promoting everything from collaboration to company culture to cost savings. Rather than uproot the workplace, Duggal Visual Solutions is focused on adapting and adjusting so that companies can move forward without taking additional steps backward—because we’ve all taken enough of the latter already during lockdown.

Health and Wellness Partition Shields

One of the first investments many employers will want to make when re-entering the workplace will be partition shields. An acrylic partition shield adds a clear degree of personal space between employees, while still allowing them to communicate with ease. 

Here’s how to bring partition shields into your office in just a few steps.

Step 1: Design

First, revisit your office layout and adjust your desks and chairs for the standard social distancing guideline of six feet. Partition shields provide protection, but you still want to maintain spacing as well.

Step 2: Construct

Duggal currently offers two size options for partition shields: 31.96” W x 23.27” H, and 34.96” W x 34.16” H. Between both options, you have flexibility for long counter or individual workstations. You can also choose between direct mounting or clamping. The shields are flat-packed, saving 80% of shipping costs.


Step 3: Brand

A little bit of branding goes a long way in turning a partition into a design element. With direct-to-substrate printing using UV and latex inks, we are able to print white and translucent opacities. This allows us to add intricate designs with subtle flair and creativity. Duggal also has the ability to apply dimensional printing and laser engraving.

Step 4: Install

Partition shields are fast and easy to install, especially with complete installation services from Duggal’s professional team. We have dozens of in-house installers to react quickly to your needs, and also offer dedicated phone and email support, on site supervisors, confirmation tracking and feedback reporting.

Let’s preserve everything you love about your open office and update it for social distancing. Your employees will be happy to return to a new normal rather than a complete redesign. Contact Duggal today.