A Sky-High Showroom Display in Midtown

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A Sky-High Showroom Display in Midtown

In what the New York Times called “a race to the clouds,” the Midtown Manhattan skyline continues to ascend higher into the sky. As real estate developers build their tallest, most ambitious visions, the competition, too, reaches new heights.

How do you illustrate the prestige of what will soon be one of New York’s tallest buildings? Within the confines of a showroom, how can you convey what a skyscraper rising 1,400+ feet will look like?

This Manhattan creative agency called on Duggal to produce a seamless, 9-foot-wide, 28-foot-high panel of custom wallpaper showcasing the magnificent view over Central Park that the new development will boast. The installation required protective scaffolding, with careful maneuvering around a 3D sculptural rendering standing directly in front of the wallpaper. The result is a towering display that will surely have brokers and buyers alike buzzing with anticipation.


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  1. these needle-like buildings do NOT look great. for inventive architecture look at the middle east kingdoms for adventurous architecture. Let’s hope when another Sandy Storm hits NYC these tall ones don’t break and fall over.

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