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Action Photography Tips

Curators’ Corner

Action Photography Tips


© Dima Vazinovich


Capturing sharp images of moving subjects requires a certain degree of know-how. Try out the following tips and tricks and enter your photo into our Action Photography Contest!

Pre-focus— Autofocus often takes too long, causing you to miss the shot. If you can predetermine where the subject will be in your frame, lock focus on a preset point by switching to Manual, then wait for the exact moment to snap.


© Carolina Lima

Use a fast shutter speed— In Shutter Priority mode, a shutter speed of 1/500 is a good starting point. Aim to use a shutter speed of above 1/500, although some action shots will require a minimum of 1/1000. Don’t forget to open your aperture simultaneously. *For a motion blur effect, slow the shutter speed instead.

Use Burst Mode— Your camera’s continuous shooting mode usually takes four to six shots at a given time, offering you a much better chance of capturing a moving subject.

© Yevhen Samuchenko

Use a short depth-of-field— Action shots are often more apparent when only the subject is sharp, leaving the background blurred. This gives an enhanced impression of speed and movement.