Adobe Sketch, Line and Photoshop Mix

Curators’ Corner

Adobe Sketch, Line and Photoshop Mix

Adobe has released three new apps for the Apple iPad— Adobe Sketch, Adobe Line and Adobe Photoshop Mix—that connects Adobe Creative Cloud directly to your iPad. The Adobe iPad apps are free to download, and all other updates will be provided free to new and existing Adobe customers.

Adobe Sketch is a social sketching app for free-form drawing. The app also incorporates a social element that gives users the ability share their creations with the Cloud community and get live feedback on Behance. Sketch includes essential drawing tolls such as an ink pen, a graphite pencil, a brush tip marker, and an eraser.

Adobe Line is the world’s first iPad app for precision drawing and drafting seamless shapes that can be portrayed in elevation or in perspective views.

Finally, Photoshop Mix is promoted as the most precise app for compositing and masking on iPad. Mix allows for making non-destructive edits in which you can digitally isolate a subject then impose another photo from your library as the background.

To bring true creative freedom and functionality to portable devices, Adobe has also released a couple of hardware devices including Adobe Ink, a pressure-sensitive digital stylus, and Adobe Slide, a digital ruler that gives you the ability to draw straight lines, prefect circles, and even classic French curves. Both these devices work in tandem with Adobe Sketch and Adobe Line.