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Aluminum Printing at a Glance

Techniques/ Tips

Aluminum Printing at a Glance

Aluminum printing, used interchangeably with the term “metal printing,” offers yet another way to showcase your image creatively, bringing both simplicity and durability to the final piece. Essentially, the task of aluminum printing consists of layering a sleek metal panel with your image infused into the material.

The Science Behind Aluminum Printing

Fine art metal printing requires a highly complicated printing technique called dye sublimation. In the process of dye sublimation, printer inks are converted into a vapor or gas substance before becoming a liquid. At the perfect time, heat and pressure combination, the ink turns to gas and is thereby transferred under the aluminum surface. This infusion beneath the uppermost surface is the reason for many of the benefits you will read about next.

Metal print with natural aluminum

Aluminum Printing Advantages

Aesthetics aside, there are numerous practical benefits in aluminum printing:

  • With metal, there is no need for matting or framing. Better yet, Duggal packages all the hardware necessary for proper hanging along with your finished product!
  • Made with such a durable material, metal prints have ultimate longevity. Even after 20 years or more, you are unlikely to see any signs of age in the print.
  • Aluminum sheeting provides a brilliantly clear and radiant image.
  • Metal prints are scratch-resistant and waterproof.
  • With the dye protected underneath the surface coating, your product can be cleaned without any risk of damage.

Create Your Ideal Aluminum Print

As always, Duggal loves to leave room for clients to customize their final products by offering a range of options to choose from. After deciding between white vs. original aluminum, you may also select a type of finish.

  • Matte finish: presents a softer and more restrained look.
  • Gloss finish: offers a more radiant, sharp appearance.
  • Semi-gloss finish: provides a result somewhere in the middle of matte and gloss.

Metal print with white aluminum

Considering aluminum printing for your next project? Read more about the benefits of aluminum printing, and contact us today!